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The earliest people in Egypt settled
a) in the mountains.
b) near the coast.
c) along the banks of the Nile.
d) in the Sahara.

The earliest humans in East Africa got their food by
a) hunting and gathering.
b) trading and hunting.
c) farming and herding.
d) domesticating and herding.

Which European country controlled the trade on East Africa's coast until well into the 1600's?
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

The power of West African kingdoms was based on
a) the manufacturing of clothing
b) the trade for salt and gold.
c) the farming of oats and wheat.
d) the herding of sheep and cows

Why did Europeans build empires in Africa after the end of the African slave trade?
a) for the natural resources found there
b) to unite the African people
c) to redesign African borders
d) because they were overcrowed in Europe

A serious environmental problem facing Africa today is a decrease in the
a) number of trees planted.
b) crop harvests.
c) amount of fertile land.
d) size of the desert.

In order to win independence from the colonial powers, African leaders encouraged the growth of
a) religion.
b) farming.
c) nationalism.
d) trade.

How did WWII afect Africa?
a) It inspired Africans to demand their independence.
b) It increased trade between Africa and the United States.
c) It decreased the growth of cash crops.
d) It encouraged European countries to seize more African colonies.

In order to depend less on one export, African countries are trying to
a) increase their foreign debt.
b) diversify their economies.
c) decrease their exports.
d) expand their farm communities.

The Nile River was important to the history of Egypt because
a) It is where the Egyptian and Nubian civilzations arose.
b) People farmed around the banks of the Nile.
c) The land around the Nile was fertile due to the annual flooding of the NIle left silt.
d) All of the above.

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