8 ELA 2009 P2 Question Preview (ID: 7189)

Choose The Best Answer.

What is the name of the game that Saudi Arabian children play?
a) shoes
b) rocks
c) sticks
d) bones

What are the most famous games?
a) football
b) the Olympics
c) field hockey
d) baseball

Which of these important game-playing skills is NOT mentioned in the article?
a) following rules
b) learning to lose with dignity
c) acting as a team member
d) planning a move

Winning in the Olympics can be especially inspiring to countries that are:
a) wealthy
b) experiencing turmoil
c) electing new leaders
d) industrialized

What does the author mean when he says that games "translate life into exciting dramas"?
a) allow people to become someone else
b) teach children to be more serious about their lives
c) can change people's views of sporting events
d) can make learning life skills more interesting

What does the word "poignant" in paragraph 6 mean?
a) common
b) sorrowful
c) humorous
d) emotional

Based on the information in the article, the reader can predict that:
a) games will continue to help children acquire important skills
b) outdoor games will become less popular as computers become more common
c) groups like Futbol 7 Refugees will move into wealthier countries
d) fewer countries will participate in the Olympic Games because of conflict

What is the most popular sport in the world?
a) baseball
b) basketball
c) soccer
d) football

How old is the game hopscotch?
a) more than 10 years old
b) more than 10000 years old
c) more than 1000 years old
d) more than 100 years old

Where do athletes stand to receive their gold medal?
a) the field
b) the podium
c) the track
d) the bleechers

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