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What type of heterotroph consumes only plants for energy?
a) herbivore
b) omnivore
c) carnivore
d) detritivores

Each step in a food chain or web is called-
a) a trophic level
b) a grade level
c) a population level
d) a height increase

Where do all levels in a food chain or web, except a the first level, get their energy?
a) from the level before it
b) from the level after it
c) from within its level
d) by producing it

Why would an ecologist use a food web instead of a food chain?
a) Food webs give a more accurate picture of how energy flows in an ecosystem.
b) A food chain is too complex for people to understand easily.
c) Webs are easier to construct than a chain.
d) Webs are more simplified then a chain

The amount of energy used by the organisms at each level in an ecological pyramid is?
a) 90 percent
b) 10 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 25 percent

Which is a pyramid model used to show energy flow?
a) all answers are correct
b) a pyramid of energy
c) a pyramid of numbers
d) a pyramid of biomass

Organisms that produce their own food are called-
a) autotrophs
b) heterotrophs
c) detritivores
d) omnivores

An organism that obtains energy by consuming other organisms are called-
a) heterotrophs
b) autotrophs
c) composers
d) decomposers

Wolves and lions are examples of-
a) a carnivore
b) omnivore
c) herbivore
d) detritivore

Bears, humans, and mockingbirds are examples of-
a) an omnivore
b) an herbivore
c) a carnivore
d) a detritivore

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