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Which statement below is the best hypothesis?
a) I think that tide is the best detergent.
b) I predict that more you shake up a bottle the more will come out after you unscrew the lid.
c) If I put mentos in a bottle of pepsi then it will explode.
d) Darker colors are easier to see from far away.

Which answer below is an observation from the mystery powders lab?
a) The powder turned a bluish/blackish and it became thick.
b) The powder is baking soda.
c) The bubbles were caused by vinegar.
d) It turned into tar.

Which step of the scientific method includes looking up information at the library or on the internet?
a) Problem/Question
b) Research
c) Experiment/Procedure
d) Data/Observations

When in the scientific method do you summarize your data and state whether or not your hypothesis was supported?
a) Hypothesis
b) Procedure/Experiment
c) Data/Observations
d) Conclusion

What do you do when your hypothesis is false?
a) Make a new hypothesis or explain your false hypothesis in the conclusion.
b) Complete the experiment again.
c) Restate your problem.
d) Analyze your data again.

List the 6 steps of the scientific method in order
a) Problem, Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, Conclusion
b) Problem, Research, Experiment, Observation, Data, Conclusion
c) Problem, Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, Conclusion
d) Problem, Question, Experiment, Observation, Data, Conclusion

Which statement below is an inference?
a) The water squirted out of the second hole.
b) The air is located at the top of the bottle during the experiment.
c) The air pressure caused the water to stay in the bottle.
d) The water dripped out of the bottle only when someone was touching the bottle.

Which statement below would be a hazard during a lab involving chemicals?
a) Reading directions
b) Finishing breakfast
c) Measuring each liquid
d) Pulling hair back

What is the most important when recording data?
a) Include as many data tables and graphs as possible
b) Only write down important observations
c) Ask a student on another lab group what happened in their experiment
d) Write down clear and accurate observations

Which problem below isn't testable?
a) What happens when you combine ice cubes, vinegar, and baking soda?
b) Which laundry detergent is the best at getting out stains?
c) How many people in the world are pyschic?
d) If I drop a rock and a paperclip from the same point which will reach the ground the fastest?

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