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The level of organization where populations that interact within the same geographic location at the same time:
a) biological community
b) population
c) biosphere
d) ecosystem

A school of fish is in what level of organization?
a) a population
b) an organism
c) a biological community
d) an ecosystem

A large group of ecosystems is called:
a) a biome
b) a population
c) a biological community
d) a biosphere

The level of organization where each organism depends on other organisms and competes with other organisms.
a) biological community
b) ecosystem
c) habitat
d) biome

Individual organisms in the population must compete for-
a) all answers are correct
b) food
c) water
d) mates

An area where an organism lives is called a-
a) habitat
b) niche
c) community
d) population

The role an organism has in its environment is called:
a) a niche
b) a habitat
c) a job
d) a living

If a population keeps growing, what can you conclude about the amount of resources available to the organisms?
a) There are plenty of resources available to support growth
b) The old organisms will die off
c) The amount of resources will be used up
d) A bigger community of organisms will come in and take over

An example of biotic factors-
a) algae, frogs, and microscopic organisms
b) ponds, rivers, oceans
c) islands, mountains, and deserts
d) climate, temperature, and wind direction

Why do ecologists use models to represent a process or system in the environment?
a) Studying organisms in their environment is not always possible
b) Ecologists are lazy
c) It is easier to observe from the comfort of the laboratory
d) Models are fun to make

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