Interacting With Our Environment Practice Test 2 Question Preview (ID: 7180)

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Soil, water, and minerals are examples of
a) fossil fuels
b) vegetation
c) natural resources
d) synthetic resources

Water is condsidered a ________ resource.
a) renewable
b) nonrenewable
c) living
d) recyclable

Two examples of nonrenewable resources are
a) corn and wheat
b) coal and natural gas
c) pigs and goats
d) wind and water

Materials created over millions of years from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals are
a) manufactured chemicals
b) synthetic resources
c) renewable resources
d) fossil fuels

Which of the following is true of our energy needs for the future?
a) We have unlimited supplies of fossil fuels.
b) Biomass can be used to reduce a country's need for oil.
c) It is not necessary to look for new sources of energy.
d) Atomic energy provides a safe alternative to fossil fuels.

What is the relationship between environment and culture?
a) Environment and culture are not related.
b) Different cultures respond similarly to similar environments
c) Similar environments always produce similar cultures.
d) Environments help shape the culture, and cultures help shape the environment.

What is the first stage or level of economic activity?
a) making raw materials into useful things
b) using the land and resources
c) distributing products to people who want them
d) creating communications systems

Which of the following is a typical second-level economic activity?
a) manufacturing
b) farming
c) mining
d) selling goods

In developed coiuntires, most jobs are in what area(s)?
a) government
b) civil engineering
c) agricultural and mining activities
d) industrial and service activities

Which of the three stages or levels of economic activity do you think is MOST common in the United States?
a) first
b) second
c) third
d) none of the above

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