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How much energy is lost between levels of a food pyramid?
a) 90%
b) 99%
c) 10%
d) About half

Why are there usually only 4 or 5 links in a food chain?
a) There is not enough energy available to support numerous top-level predators
b) Decomposers produce the energy
c) Herbivores consume about 50% of the energy in an ecosystem
d) Consumers compete in similar niches

Living things that convert the sun's energy into chemical energy for other organisms are called:
a) Producers
b) Primary consumers
c) Herbivores
d) Secondary consumers

Which one of the following ecological roles is the most numerous in an ecosystem?
a) Producers
b) Decomposers
c) Consumers
d) Carnivores

What is an environment's carrying capacity?
a) Highest number of organisms that can an ecosystem can support for an extended period
b) Highest number of organisms in a population at one time
c) Number of producers needed to support an environment
d) Number of organisms that compete with each other for resources

What is the role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle?
a) Converting atmosphereic nitrogen to a more usable form for plants
b) Reducing the amount of ammonia in the soil
c) Increasing levels of nitrogen in consumers
d) Increasing photosynthesis in plants

Burning of fossil fuels has led to...
a) an increase in global carbon levels
b) a decrease in global carbon levels
c) an increase in nitrogen levels
d) silky, manageable hair

Abiotic factors include:
a) all answers are correct
b) elements & minerals
c) temperature
d) sunlight

Biotic factors are defined as:
a) living things in an environment
b) things that were alive at one time
c) only the producers & decomposers in an environment
d) the main parts of the carbon cycle

Examples of biotic factors include...
a) bacteria & fungi
b) atmospheric conditions
c) soil
d) availabilty of carbon & nitrogen

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