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________is the technology for building dams, canals, roads, and bridges.
a) deforestation
b) civil engineering
c) industrialization
d) raw material

The cutting down of tress can result in
a) biodiversity
b) pollution
c) deforestation
d) land mass

Most second-level economic activity is_________.
a) civil engineering
b) renewable resource
c) colonization
d) manufacturing

A (n) _______is a resource that can be replaced, such as water.
a) renewable resource
b) nonrenewable resource
c) deforestation
d) industrialization

A useful material found in the environment is called a (n)__________.
a) raw material
b) renewable resource
c) natural resource
d) nonrenewable resource

Exhaust from cars and trucks is a source for ________.
a) biodiversity
b) pollution
c) raw materials
d) colonization

Deforestation can lead to a loss of_________
a) biodiversity
b) pollution
c) colonization
d) civil engineering

________________is a technology for structures that alter the landscape.
a) civil engineering
b) raw materials
c) pollution
d) biodiversity

A resource that can not be replaced is called a ______.
c) nonrenewable resource

Trees are the ________ for paper and wood.
a) manufacturing
b) pollution
c) industrialization
d) raw materials

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