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What was the impact of the court case of Schenck v. United States
a) The Constitution guarantees the right to privacy
b) Constitutional rights are not absolute
c) Congress can pass a law to eliminate any pary of the Bill of Rights
d) all individual rights are eliminated during wartime

President Woodrow Wilson’s statement “The world must be made safe for democracy” was made to justify what?
a) end United States imperialism in Latin America
b) support tariff reform
c) send troops into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa
d) ask Congress to declare war against Germany

What was the immediate cause of the US entry into World War One?
a) The League of nations requested help
b) The Maine was blown up in Havana Harbor
c) German submarines sank US merchant ships
d) Nazi tyrany in Europe

Which of the following was a influened Wilson to declare war on Germany
a) The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
b) Geramany treatment of prisoners of war
c) Zimmerman telegram
d) German use of aerial bombing raids

What took place during the years of 1914-1918?
a) Spanish-American War
b) Populist Movement
c) World War One
d) World War Two

Which is an example of Teddy Roosevelt using the big stick policy?
a) Political alliances with Europe
b) US acquistion of the what becomes the Panama Canal
c) Colonies in Africa were acquired
d) None of the above

What is Yellow Journalism?
a) Exageriate news reports to inflame the populus
b) Journalist with yellow feaver
c) News reports focused on events in Asia
d) None of the above

Yellow journalist contributed to the start of the Spanish-American war by-
a) portraying William McKinley as a pro-war president
b) showing the need to acquire colonies in the Pacific
c) inciting public outrage over conditions in Cuba
d) demanding the repeal of the Gertlemen's Agreement

What was the purpose of the Open Door Policy 1899-1900
a) Bring democracy to China
b) secuire equal trade opportunities in China
c) force China to change its immigration policies
d) use China as a stepping stone to trade with Japan

What did the Monroe Doctrine declare reagding the U.S.?
a) prevent establishment of new European Colonies anywhere in the world
b) help colonies in North and SOuth America adobpt a democratic form of government
c) view European interference in the Americas as a threat to US interest
d) prevent other nations from trading with South American nations

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