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This kind of a shomer hinam is obligated for losing bundled coins
a) A money changer
b) A private person
c) A shop keeper
d) No one

Violation of "the way of bailees" can occur these two ways
a) Losing the deposit
b) Giving the item to minor children or throwing it over one's shoulder
c) Misappropriating a deposit
d) Loking the door appropriately

Ben gives Erin a wine barrel and designates a place. She moves it to protect it, and it breaks after she puts it down.
a) Erin is hayav
b) Erin is patur
c) If it was in her hand, she is hayav
d) Ben shouldn't have given Erin wine to begin with. None of you are of legal drinking age.

The relationship of the amount of losses from absorption and sediment.
a) 2:3
b) 1:2
c) 2:1
d) 1:1

He talks about mice
a) R' Yochanan Ben Nuri
b) R' Yosi
c) R' Shimon Ben Gamliel
d) R' Hillel

According to the first opinion of the mishna, a person with whom produce has been deposited should not do this.
a) Make pie.
b) Eat it
c) Touch it.
d) Put it in a fruit dehydrator so it keeps for longer.

One of the two of your father's gave me a maneh, but I can't remember who.
a) I keep it.,
b) I pay you both a maneh.
c) One of you gets a maneh, the other gets half of a grilled cheese sandwich.
d) I should call your father and ask who gave me the maneh.

According to R' Yosi, how do we make sure the deceiver loses something?
a) That's not R' Yosi - it's R' Yehudah
b) Both people get the value of the lesser item.
c) We hit him or her
d) No one gets anything until Elijah comes.

Chase owns the penguin, Gabe rents the penguin, Greg borrows it from Gabe. Penguin dies. According to the first opinion:
a) Greg pays Gabe
b) Greg takes an oath and Greg pays Chase
c) Greg takes an oath and Gabe pays Chase
d) Gabe takes an oath and Greg pays Gabe.

If one tilts a wine barrel and drinks a revi'it, and the wine barrel breaks, how much do they owe the owner?
a) Depends how much the wine was worth when the claim was made.
b) The cost of the barrel
c) A revi'it
d) Nothing.

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