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An origin story
a) explains how the world and people came to be
b) tells how favorite stories came to be
c) explains how people learned their language
d) explains why Native Americans eat the food they do

The Hopi Indians origin story says that people first lived
a) inside the Earth
b) on a mountain peak
c) in the clouds
d) under a hill

One animal that the migrating people followed to North America were
a) caribou
b) fox
c) squirrels
d) Can I phone a friend?????

To adapt to their environment
a) Native Americans learned how to use natural resources to help them survive
b) Native Americans shopped at the local supermarkets
c) that's a really good question. . . . . .
d) can I get back to you tomorrow?

Most Native Americans decided that to help them survive, they would
a) settle in places with lots of natural resources
b) settle where the climate was mild
c) settle where there was plenty of water
d) all of these answers

The Inuits used natural resources to make
a) snow goggles
b) harpoons with inflatable seals which helped when hunting whales
c) sleds from whale bones
d) all of these

The Sioux used buffalo hides to
a) record winter counts
b) tell an origin story
c) What??????
d) Can I phone a friend????

Scientists believe that the first Indians came from
a) Asia
b) India
c) Finland
d) hmmmmmmmmm

Lines of latitude are measured
a) in degrees north or south of the Equator
b) in degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian
c) you are suppose to measure these????
d) in miles????

What are some natural resources the Inuit used to survive?
a) all of these answers
b) seal skins
c) hides of animals
d) bones for tools, sleds, and harpoons

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