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Scientists use models to...
a) Make an exact replica of an item
b) Study an object by creating a smaller, larger, or computerized version of the original
c) Gain a magnified view of an object
d) Enhance the color scheme of an object

The SI Unit for measuring luminosity of an object is
a) Kelvin
b) Liter
c) Ampere
d) Candela

This type of system allows outside materials to make an impact on it:
a) open
b) closed
c) bilateral
d) forensic

The purpose of keeping a science notebook is to
a) Practice creative writing
b) gain experience recording an analyzing results like a real scientist
c) focus the scientist on extraneous details that do not impact the study
d) ensure model development

This SI unit measure the amount of matter in a given substance
a) gram
b) liter
c) mole
d) ampere

Which material is the least dense?
a) brick
b) styrofoam
c) steel
d) wood

One way to test density is to
a) compare its mass/volume to a known liquid like water
b) knock on it
c) observe it using sight
d) weigh it

What is the first step of successfully solving a model problem?
a) Carry out the plan
b) Reinvestigate the question
c) Consider the problem
d) Read the problem carefully

A group of interacting parts is known as
a) a model
b) a system
c) a clock
d) a collection

You want to measure how much your cat weighs. What SI unit would you use?
a) ounces
b) liter
c) gram
d) meter

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