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Reviews Environmental Issues Related To Rangelands. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which environmental factor is most responsible for distinguishing grasslands from forests and deserts?
a) precipitation levels
b) latitude
c) average temperatures
d) closeness to the ocean

How did the Homestead Act impact the orginial grasslands of the western US?
a) brought many new people in to settle and farm the land
b) caused thousands of families to leave the midwest and migrate to other areas
c) prevented farmers from grazing livestock on vulnerable grassland
d) required ranchers to set aside habitat for birds

Which of the following is the best definition of rangeland?
a) large unfenced areas of grassland used for grazing livestock
b) fenced in meadows used for cows and sheep
c) zones near streams and rivers
d) vegetated areas preserved for wildlife habitat

How does moderate grazing affect a grassland?
a) stimulates important regrowth of new plants
b) increases the spread of invasive species
c) kills the grass
d) leads to growth of larger shrubs and trees

How do black footed ferrets use prairie dogs?
a) eat them for food and use their tunnels for having their young
b) rely on them to keep predators in check
c) use their burrows for collecting water
d) depend on them to attract other prey to the area

Why were many prairie dogs once killed by ranchers and their presence still controversial today?
a) they compete with livestock for grass
b) they kill ferrets
c) they spread disease
d) they are an invasive species

Which of the following was a contributing cause to the Dust Bowl storms?
a) overgrazing of grasslands
b) over use of water
c) excessive rainfall
d) development of railroad tracks in the midwest

Which of the following best describes natural, unplowed grassland soil?
a) thick and deep-rooted; hard to break up
b) loose and crumbly
c) shallow and thin
d) sandy and easily broken up

Which invention enabled early settlers to convert grassland to farmland?
a) steel plow
b) steam engine
c) cotton gin
d) generator

Which of the following best desribes how grassland grasses grow?
a) from the bottom of the blade
b) from the tip of the blade
c) from the part of the blade that gets eaten by livestock
d) by runners sent out from the roots

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