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What is the line spacing after the date.
a) ss
b) ds
c) qs

Dear Mr. Johnson is a___________________
a) Writer's Typed name
b) Salutation
c) Complimentary Closing

What type of spacing comes after the complimentary closing
a) ds
b) qs
c) ss

The _______________ is the address of the letter writer.
a) Inside Address
b) Return Address
c) Date
d) Salutation

The __________________ is when the letter is written.
a) Date
b) Inside Address
c) Enclosure
d) Body

The last line in a business letter is the _____________________
a) Complimentary Closing
b) Salutation
c) Greeting
d) Enclosure

Yours truly, is an example of a
a) Salutation
b) Greeting
c) Complimentary Closing
d) Date

The purpose of the letter is included in the
a) Body
b) Date
c) Salutation
d) Inside Adress

The name of the person receiving the letter, company name, and address are called
a) Return Address
b) Inside Adress
c) Complimentary Closing

Why do you leave four spaces after the complimentary closing?
a) Return Address
b) Inside Address
c) Writer's Signature

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