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Reviews Characteristics Of The Rainforest. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Why do rainforest trees send out roots far away from the trunk?
a) in search of nutrients
b) to get more water
c) to get more sunlight
d) to protect against animals that might eat them

What is the primary diet of howler monkeys?
a) fruits and leaves
b) grains
c) other animals
d) both plants and animals

What type of relationship do trap-jar ants have with the orange Costus flower?
a) mutualism
b) parasitism
c) predation
d) commensalism

Why does the poison dart frog have bright colors?
a) warn predators that it is poisonous
b) help it find a mate
c) help it attract food sources
d) to use as camouflage

What is one reason the ladybug-tree seeds might be colored bright red?
a) to attract birds
b) to scare away insects that might eat them
c) so they blend in with the environment
d) to keep birds from eating them

What is the primary food choice of the tent-making bats?
a) fruit
b) fish
c) insects
d) flower nectar

Why do scientists think the peanut-head bug has such an oddly shaped body?
a) to trick predators and keep them away
b) to help it find a mate
c) to help it eat other insects
d) to help it fly

Which animal, when all of them are put together, has more biomass than any other animal in the rainforest?
a) ants
b) monkeys
c) termites
d) frogs

What is the biggest problem faced by the people that live in rainforests?
a) poverty
b) disease
c) harsh climate
d) lack of food

What is the current biggest threat to rainforest biodiversity?
a) deforestation
b) plant disease
c) excess moisture
d) harsh climate

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