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Living things grow and
a) develop
b) die
c) grow

I can make my own food. Who am I?
a) consumer
b) producer
c) ecosystem
d) decomposer

The steps in which organisms get the food they need to survive
a) producer
b) food web
c) food chain
d) consumer

A living thing that carries out five basic life functions
a) fossil
b) cell
c) embryo
d) organism

One kind of organism from a community
a) population
b) community
c) habitat
d) ecosystem

Living things use
a) wastes
b) everything
c) energy

Animals or other living things in a specific area
b) species
c) population
d) ecosystem

Living things or make more of their own kind
a) develop
b) reproduce
c) survive

Living things respond to the
a) light
b) sun
c) environment
d) teacher

Living things get rid of
a) water
b) energy
c) wastes

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