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What do we turn natural resources into?
a) gas
b) raw materials
c) coal
d) oil

What is a form of business?
a) money
b) buildings
c) warehouse
d) industry

What region did the early settlers move to in search of silver, gold, and other valuable metals?
a) West
b) Northeast
c) Midwest
d) Southwest

When we use resources carefully we...
a) convince
b) renewable resource
c) conserve
d) nonrenewable resource

When we use something over again, we..
a) review
b) manufacture
c) capital resources
d) recycle

What is an example of a capital resource?
a) wheat, butter, and oil
b) dresses, shirts, and pants
c) people, products, and industry
d) machines, tools, and buildings

What are human resources?
a) people you ask questions to
b) people who make products or provide services
c) people who tell answers
d) people you see

What regions can you find farmers growing cotton in?
a) Northeast and Southeast
b) Northeast and West
c) Southeast and Southwest
d) Midwest and Northeast

What are some natural resources from the Northeast?
a) cotton, oranges, and lemons
b) gold, silver, and copper
c) sugarcane, cotton, and rice
d) blueberries, cranberries, and fish

What can you turn the natural resource of strawberries into?
a) jelly
b) paper
c) lip gloss
d) paint

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