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What is NOT a major region of the United States?
a) Midwest
b) South
c) Southeast
d) West

What landform is in the Northeast?
a) plains
b) deserts
c) mountains
d) canyons

What landform is in the Midwest region?
a) plains
b) valleys
c) mountains
d) deserts

How are regional boundaries different from state boundaries?
a) They do not divide areas of land
b) You can see signs to let you know about them
c) They are not set by rules or laws
d) They are seen on a map

How are regional boundaries determined?
a) laws
b) rocks
c) animals
d) major landforms

What is the difference between climate and weather?
a) One is warmer and one is colder
b) weather is humidity only and climate is precipitation only
c) it is determined by weather averaged over a long period of time
d) It depends on where you are

What are two major factors of weather and climate?
a) precipitation and humidity
b) temperature and the elevation
c) elevation and humidity
d) temperature and precipitation

Which climate describes an area that is pretty even between cold and warm?
a) polar
b) subartic
c) temperate
d) tropical

What are examples of natural resources?
a) paper, jam, and granola bars
b) forest, soil, water, and tomatoes
c) maple syrup, peanut butter, and lumber
d) cake, bread, and juice

What are examples of raw materials?
a) apples, oranges, and bananas
b) trees, strawberries, and mint leaves
c) soil, water, and trees
d) paper, lumber, and maple syrup

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