8 ELA 2009 P1 Question Preview (ID: 7127)

Choose The Best Answer.

Who is the retired search and rescue dog?
a) Al
b) Steve
c) Brady
d) Zach

What turned the forest into the tinderbox?
a) the wet summer
b) the dry summer
c) the cold summer
d) the rainy summer

What happened to Zach's ankle?
a) He broke it.
b) He cut it.
c) He sprained it.
d) He fractured it.

What set the woods on fire?
a) Lightning
b) Matches
c) A lighter
d) A campfire

Who led them to the river?
a) Zach
b) Steve
c) Brady
d) Al

This passage is told by:
a) Brady
b) Steve
c) a fire fighter
d) an outside narrator

Brady tugs onSteve's jeans because he:
a) wants Steve to follow him
b) can not see where he is going
c) is trying to pull Steve up the hill
d) does not want to be left behind

Where does Brady lead Steve and Zach?
a) to the river
b) to the tent
c) to the woods
d) to the trail

Why did the author write that the pine branches "snapped from burning trees with a cannon-like sound"?
a) to give objects human-like qualities
b) to provide hints about a future event
c) to make a comparison for dramatic effect
d) to explain how the characters are feeling

What feeling does the author create by saying: "Not far from them the fire was licking at underbrush and old logs before rearing up into the trees."
a) anticipation
b) disappointment
c) surprise
d) urgency

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