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Who sniffs out potential threats to American agriculture?
a) poodles
b) terriers
c) beagles
d) pugs

Where is the National Dog Detector Training Center?
a) Miami, Florida
b) Daytona, Florida
c) Albany, Florida
d) Orlando, Florida

How does the beagle signal its partner?
a) barking
b) rolling over
c) sitting
d) biting

The dogs retire after:
a) 9-11 years
b) 3-5 years
c) 6-7 years
d) 20 years

On average, how many items does the Beagle Brigade intercept each year?
a) 750,000
b) 75,000
c) 750
d) 7,500

What degrees does most quarantine officers hold?
a) math
b) science
c) social studies
d) spanish

What is the problem with agricultural products brought into the U.S.?
a) They generate similar types of food odors.
b) They are difficult to identify.
c) They must be quarantined before being allowed to enter the country.
d) They may carry something that could harm the agricultural environment.

How does the beagle signal that it has found a suspicious food product?
a) barking at its partner
b) begging for a treat
c) sitting next to the item
d) playing a game

How is the beagle congratulated for finding a specific food product?
a) The handler praises it with a hug.
b) The beagle gets to play for a few hours.
c) The beagle gets to retire to a loving home,
d) The handler gives it an edible reward.

The article supports the use of the Beagle Brigade by:
a) showing that the dogs enjoy discovering prohibited items
b) providing statistics about the number of items detected by the dogs
c) pointing out that good homes are found for the dogs when they retire
d) praising the fact that the dogs work for a government agency

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