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The amount of a population the ecosystem can sustain is the?
a) Carrying Capacity
b) Ecosystem
c) Biosphere
d) Habitat

A relationship where one species benefits, and one species is harmed.
a) Parasitism
b) Mutualism
c) Commenalism
d) Communism

Plants and other organisms with chlorophyl.
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Distributers
d) Vacationers

The relationships between species having to do with energy.
a) Food Web
b) Electric Web
c) Food Pyramid
d) Four Food Groups

How much energy is lost going up each trophic level?
a) 90%
b) 10%
c) 50%
d) 100%

Rocks, water and air are these.
a) Abiotic Environment
b) Biotic Environment
c) Antisocial Environment
d) Hard Environment

Put the levels of the Biom in order from small to large
a) Population, Community, Ecosystem and Biome
b) Community, Biome, Ecosystem and Population
c) Organs, Organ Systems, Organisms and Biosphere
d) Atom, Molecule, Cell, Organism

What would happen if Plankton in the Ocean dissapeared?
a) Most consumers in the oceans would die.
b) Fish would eat other things.
c) Large Fish would see little or no change.
d) Small fish would just switch to eating Algae.

These break down living things back into nutrients in the soil.
a) Decomposers
b) Consumers
c) Producers
d) Beleivers

Plants store chemical energy in which molecule?
a) Glucose
b) Water
c) Carbon
d) Caffiene

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