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What is the solar system?
a) The sun and the objects that are traveling arount it.
b) A bunch of planets and starts.
c) Earth and the other objects in space
d) The way Earth orbits the sun.

The lithosphere is...
a) Earth's water.
b) the blanket of gases surrounding Earth.
c) the hard, outer layer of Earth.
d) the rocky surface that makes up the top of Earth's outer layer.

When Earth revolves, it is...
a) spinning on its axis.
b) going around the sun in a set path.
c) giving us day and night.
d) moving in line with other planets.

Earth has day and night because...
a) it revolves around the sun.
b) it rotates on its axis.
c) it's tilted on its axis.
d) the sun rises and sets.

Who is the scientist credited with explaining the laws of gravity?
a) Sir Isaac Newton
b) Albert Einstein
c) Marie Curie
d) Galileo

The rocky surface on the top of the lithosphere is called the...
a) hydroshphere.
b) planet.
c) ground.
d) crust.

Objects that travel around a star in an orbit are called...
a) planets.
b) asteroids.
c) meteors.
d) stars.

When Earth takes a set path around a star, the sun, it is called a(n)...
a) revolution.
b) trip.
c) rotation.
d) orbit.

All of Earth's lakes, streams, oceans, and ice are called the...
a) lithosphere.
b) hydroshpere.
c) crust.
d) water.

The tendency of an object to continue moving in a straight line is called...
a) gravity.
b) constellation.
c) inertia.
d) a path.

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