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An intrusive rock...
a) Forms inside of the Earth
b) Forms from pressure
c) Forms from lava
d) Forms on Earth Surface

Recrystallization of rock under pressure and temperature results in...
a) metamorphic rock
b) sedimentary rock
c) igneous rock
d) volcanic rock

Which characteristic provides the BEST evidence about where a rock was formed?
a) texture
b) hardness
c) size of rock
d) color

Because granite cools below the surface of the Earth, it is...
a) an intrusive coursegrain igneous rock
b) an extrusive small grain igneous rock
c) a clastic sedimentary rock
d) a foliated metamorphic rock

Igneous rocks are formed by...
a) cooling and hardening of molten rock
b) heat and pressure on existing rocks
c) evaporation of water, leaving solids behind
d) layers of mud on the bottom of a lake

The types of sedimentary rocks are...
a) clastic, organic, chemical
b) extrusive, intrusive
c) foliated, nonfoliated
d) index, regional

The process of formation of a sedimentary rock is...
a) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction & cementation
b) erosion, weathering, deposition, compaction & cementation
c) erosion, deposition, weathering, compaction & cementation
d) erosion, deposition, weathering, compaction & cementation

A clastic rock is:
a) a rock formed from the cementation of transported fragment of rock and other material
b) a rock formed from evaporation of sea water
c) transformed by heat
d) transformed by pressure

Composition and texture that is fine or not visible relate to what type of igneous rocks?
a) Extrusive
b) Intrusive
c) Chemical
d) Organic

Which of the following statements about mafic rocks is true?
a) mafic rocks tend to be dark and crystallize at higher temperatures than light colored felsic rocks
b) mafic rocks are more viscous than felsic rocks
c) mafic rocks tend to be lighter in color than felsic rocks.
d) mafic rocks are richer in silica than felsic rocks

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