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Metamorphic rocks result from the...
a) recrystallization of rocks
b) erosion of rocks
c) cooling and solidification of magma
d) compression and cementation of sediment

Heat and pressure can transform igneous rocks into metamorphic rocks. What processes can transform igneous rock into sedimentary rock?
a) weathering, erosion, deposition , compaction, & cementation
b) heat and pressure
c) magma solidifying
d) volcano erupting

More often than metamorphic or igneous rock, sedimentary rocks have
a) numerous fossils
b) many holes from trapped gases
c) large quartz crystals
d) a glassy appearance

Which of these can determine the size of grains in igneous rocks?
a) cooling rate of molten rock
b) distance from magma
c) amount of rare minerals
d) high temperatures and extreme pressure

Rocks formed by the cementing of weathered materials are called
a) Sedimentary rocks
b) Extrusive igneous rocks
c) Metamorphic Rock
d) Intrusive igneous rocks

Extrusive rocks have small grains because they...
a) cools quickly
b) harden underground
c) contain three minerals
d) cools slowly

While on vacation, a student visits the area around a volcano that has recently erupted. The student can expect to find samples of
a) extrusive igneous rock
b) clastic sedimentary rock
c) nonfoliated metamorphic rock
d) chemically formed sedimentary rock

Which of the following changes may occur during metamorphism?
a) certain minerals may recrystalize
b) crystals get larger
c) the rock becomes more compact
d) weathering

How can a metamorphic rock turn into a sedimentary rock?
a) Through weathering and erosion, then deposition of sediments
b) A metamorphic rock cannot turn into a sedimentary rock.
c) Through heat and pressure
d) Through melting, the volcanic activity of magma and lava

Compaction is...
a) the process that presses sediments together
b) the process by which running water, wind, or ice carry away bits of broken-up rock.
c) the process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it
d) the process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together

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