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Which is a kind of rock that forms when heat and pressure change an existing rock?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) inorganic

An example of an igneous rock is ...
a) Slate
b) Sandstone
c) Granite
d) Rock Salt

A metamorphic rock can be classified according to its
a) texture and composition
b) density and color
c) density and texture
d) color and composition

What do all rocks have in common?
a) they contain minerals
b) they are organically formed
c) they are formed on Earth's surface
d) they show cleavage

A foliated metamorphic rock forms when crystals
a) combine to form visible bands/ layering
b) become less compact
c) combine but do not form visible bands
d) crystals get larger

Metamorphic rocks whose minerals are NOT arranged in layers or bands are called
a) Nonfoliated
b) foliated
c) clastic
d) chemical

Distortion (deformation) of bands in a metamorphic rock is a result of...
a) pressure
b) erosion
c) weathering
d) compaction

What is the main difference between metamorphic and most other rocks?
a) Many metamorphic rocks exhibit banding and distortion (deformation) of structure/texture
b) Many metamorphic rocks contain silicon oxygen
c) Many metamorphic rocks have an organic composition
d) Many metamorphic rocks contain only one mineral

Metamorphic rocks form as the direct result of ...
a) heat and pressure causing foliation or nonfoliation
b) melting and solidification
c) precipitation from evaporating water
d) erosion and deposition

Deformation is...
a) change in the shape of a rock.
b) minerals in a rock
c) temprature of a rock
d) minerals arranged in stripes or bands

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