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The _________________ tried to stop the puck from going in the net.
a) duffel bag
b) goalie
c) antelope
d) meanwhile

The _____________stopped the car because it had expired tags.
a) oficer
b) goalie
c) oficcer
d) officer

The lion tackled the __________________ and wrestled it to the ground with its powerfuljaws.
a) antelope
b) antlope
c) antelop
d) antellope

The wedding _________________ was done beautifully at the church.
a) stowaway
b) seremony
c) stoeway
d) ceremony

He sealed the __________________ ,put a stamp on it and then mailed it.
a) invelope
b) envellope
c) envelope
d) envilope

The combination of two or more atoms is called a
a) oxygen
b) oxigen
c) nucleus
d) molecule

I can't believe how ________ students suddenly need to use the restroom when they are bored
a) often
b) offen
c) offten
d) oftin

The hunter quietly ______________ his prey.
a) moment
b) obstinate
c) approached
d) often

Although the man was a ___________________ he was very smart and courteous
a) stowaway
b) volley
c) officer
d) goalie

I can't beleieve the beautiful _______________ Johnathan White wrote about puppies dancing under rainbows.
a) ceremony
b) poem
c) poetry
d) obstacle

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