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Work Order Entry.[print questions]

What status does a line item have to be so it can be successfully cancelled?
a) No Response from the MD
b) Entered
c) Booked
d) Duplicate

What folder in the Order Organizer will you access on a regular basis?
a) Today's Orders
b) Search Results
c) Personal Folders
d) Public Folders

I the customer is MPD what sections are needed for a PWO to be valid?
a) 1,2,3,4
b) 1,5,6,8
c) 1,4,6,8
d) 1,5,7,8

What is the the D/C date?
a) The D/C date is for the how long the batteries are going to last for.
b) The D/C date is the date the work order will be valid until per the PWO.
c) The D/C date is for the D to the C.
d) The D/C is for Medicare.

What is the Expiration date?
a) The expiration date is the estimated valid until date based on buiness rules (frequency / insurance)
b) When the milk expires.
c) How long the test strips chemicals are good for.
d) When the lancets expire.

What tool will you use to calculate the IRIS quantity for the requested supplies?
a) NDC Out of Stock List
b) 2pb OCNA List
c) Comparison Chart
d) Daily Direction

How will you know if someone is in a Competitive Bid Area?
a) Check their zip code in the NDC Out of Stock List.
b) Guess
c) Randomly tell people
d) Everyone is serviceable through Optum RX

A greyed out menu option means what?
a) That a search function is active/available
b) That field must be completed
c) That a function is not active/available
d) That you must exit the application

On the person tab what disposition codes do we utilize?
a) Inactive and Active
b) Active, Deceased, and Inactive
c) Vacation, Hospital, and Inactive
d) Need log sheet and AOB

What does DFF stand for?
a) Double F's
b) Dynamic Flex Field
c) Dynamic Force Field
d) Double Fisted Beer Mug

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