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Which of the following is NOT a step in the scientific process?
a) Make observations and generate questions
b) Make a model to represent your opinion
c) Re-evaluate hypothesis based on results
d) Conduct experiments and analyze results

An observation is
a) a prediction
b) gathering information based only on what you see
c) a testable question
d) gathering information using your 5 senses and scientific tools

Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
a) The ball is blue
b) There are seven books
c) The table is two meters long
d) There are 2 basketballs

An inference is
a) Gathering information using your five senses and scientific tools
b) A science experiment
c) A guess based on prior knowledge
d) A testable question

A thermometer is a metric tool used to measure
a) mass
b) length
c) volume
d) temperature

A graduated cylinder is a metric tool used to measure
a) mass
b) length
c) volume
d) temperature

What is the unit of measurement for a triple beam balance?
a) liters
b) degrees
c) meters
d) grams

Which of the following would be used to measure the distance between Bridgeport and New Haven in the metric system?
a) centimeters
b) meters
c) kilometers
d) miles

Which question can be tested?
a) Which brand of running shoes looks the best?
b) Why did insects come to have three body sections?
c) How does the amount of water given affect plant growth?
d) How were dinosaurs affected by ultraviolet radiation from the sun?

An experiment is done to test how shape affects the speed of a paper airplane. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
a) speed
b) distance
c) time
d) shape

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