Proper Adjectives Question Preview (ID: 7091)

Identify The Proper Adjectives In Each Sentence.

I made spaghetti dinner and had french bread with it.
a) spaghetti
b) French
c) bread
d) it

John and Jayne rode their Honda motorcycle all over Georgia.
a) John
b) Jayne
c) Honda
d) Georgia

I had sliced ham and American cheese for my lunch on Tuesday.
a) sliced
b) Tuesday
c) American
d) lunch

Superman flew over the United States and watched a Georgia bulldog football game from the sky.
a) sky
b) football
c) bulldog
d) Georgia

She loves to eat Chinese food and drink Pepsi while watching television on Saturday.
a) Saturday
b) television
c) Pepsi
d) Chinese

Yesterday, Mr. Spock played a long game of chess with the Starfleet admiral.
a) Yesterday
b) Mr. Spock
c) Starfleet
d) long

My little Spanish chihuahua barks at every furry cat that comes into my green yard.
a) little
b) Spanish
c) furry
d) green

James Oglethorpe founded the Georgian city of Savannah in the late 1700's.
a) Georgian
b) city
c) James
d) Savannah

My favorite food is an Oscar Mayer hotdog with spicy chili and Vidalia onions
a) Oscar Mayer, Vidalia
b) hotdogs, chili
c) spicy, Vidalia
d) favorite, spicy

The British soldiers marched through Savannah and the English settlers were very upset.
a) British, Savannah
b) British, English
c) English, settlers
d) marched, upset

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