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What is a rational number?
a) number that goes on forever... never ends
b) all numbers in the number system
c) any number that is a sqaure root
d) number that is a repeating decimal

What is the longest side of a right triangle?
a) Leg
b) right angle
c) Hypotenuse
d) Arm

What kind of number is square root of 121?
a) rational
b) neither rational or irrational
c) both rational and irrational
d) irrational

Convert 3 yards to inches.
a) 156 inches
b) 108 inches
c) 84 inches
d) 45 inches

Convert 10 centimeters to millimeters
a) 1000 mm
b) 10000 mm
c) 10 mm
d) 100 mm

Erin went 25 miles in 0.2 hours. What is Erin\'s rate of speed?
a) 20 mph
b) 15 mph
c) 5 mph
d) 10 mph

What is the better buy? pack of 6 candy bars for $2.45 or pack of 2 candy bars for $1.09
a) Pack of 6 candy bars
b) Both are the same per one unit
c) Neither
d) Pack of 2 candy bars

Tom left has house and drove at a rate of 50 mph for 400 miles? How long did it take to complete his trip?
a) 5 hours
b) 8 hours
c) 7 hours
d) 6 hours

345347..... What kind of number is this?
a) Rational
b) Both rational or irrational
c) Irrational
d) Neither rational or irrational

What is the better deal? 12 pack of toliet paper for $10.48 or 6 pack of toliet paper for $5.59
a) both are the same unit price
b) 6 pack
c) 12 pack
d) neither

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