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That whale is --- than this dingo.
a) big
b) bigger
c) biggest
d) most big

Our crazy Uncle Pete is the --- fisherman in all of Oregon.
a) talentedest
b) more talented
c) talenteder
d) most talented

The people applauded --- than before when Bobo the Clown came out.
a) more loud
b) loudest
c) louder
d) most loudly

I'm positive that I am --- than my little brother.
a) more intelligent
b) most intelligent
c) intelligenter
d) more intelligenter

Of all three kittens, Kizzy is the ---.
a) more nitpicky
b) most nitpicky
c) nitpickier
d) nitpickiest

Chuck pops his gum --- than Bucky.
a) often
b) oftener
c) more often
d) most often

Horace found his Magical Bean Maker --- than he originally thought.
a) useful
b) less useful
c) least useful
d) less least useful

Dr. Kookoo is the --- guy I know!
a) more weird
b) most weird
c) weirder
d) weirdest

When the frogs fell from the sky, my friend, Sue, appeared to be the --- person in town.
a) frazzledest
b) fralleder
c) more frazzled
d) most frazzled

I find myself --- on sunny days as opposed to rainy days.
a) chippier
b) chippiest
c) more chipper
d) most chipper

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