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Why hasn't Addie's teacher been able to reach Mommer's?
a) The phone is out of order, the bill has not been paid.
b) Mommers refuses to answer the phone
c) Addie gave a fake number
d) The line is always busy because Mommers is online

What does mom spend alot of time doing in the home?
a) Watching T.V.
b) Cooking
c) Reading
d) On the Internet

How did the girl's feel about their gift to Addie?
a) Jealous and Angry that Dwight didn't also get them a hamster
b) Nervous that Addie will not like the hamster
c) Extremely excited to present her with the surprise hamster

What did Addie name the new pet?
a) Flute
b) Clarinet
c) Tuba
d) Piccolo

Who is Pete?
a) Mommer's brother
b) A new neighbor
c) A man Mommer's is involved in a business deal with
d) The mini-mart owner

Why was Soula vommiting in Chap 12?
a) She does not eat healthy foods
b) She has the flu
c) This is caused by chemotherapy, her cancer treatement
d) She has cancer which makes her stomach hurt

What did Addie end up actually doing on Halloween night?
a) Trick-or-treating alone
b) Trick-or-treating with her friends
c) Trick-or-Treating with just Mommers
d) Handing out candy at the mini-mart

What did Dwight tell Addie that made her so happy?
a) Dwight was going to bring her sisters back sooner than April
b) Dwight was her real father
c) Dwight was going to get back together with Mommers
d) Dwight wanted her to come and spend the night with them at Thanksgiving

Why was Addie upset when Mommers left the trailer?
a) Mommers was going on an overnight trip
b) Mommers didn\'t cook dinner
c) Mommers lost her hamster
d) Mommers tripped going down the stairs

What did Addie originally want to do on Halloween?
a) Go trick or treating
b) Pass out candy at the mini mart
c) Pass out candy at her trailer
d) Go to the school Halloween party

Why was Addie worried about Mommers being gone so long for her interview?
a) She was worried Mommers was going to get lost
b) She was worried Mommers was going to miss the bus coming home
c) The last time she was late, she did not come home for three days and it would happen again.
d) She was worried Mommers was going to travel for her job immediately

Who is Hannah?
a) Mommer's sister
b) Dwight's sister
c) Dwight's girlfriend
d) Addie's aunt

What did Addie discover was wrong with Soula
a) There was nothing wrong with Soula
b) She had cancer
c) She had diabetes
d) She broke her leg

What did Addie learn from the email that Mommers sent to Pete?
a) Mommers was going to move in with Pete
b) Mommers was going to give Addie up for adoption
c) Mommers was going to leave New York
d) Mommers gave him the moeny from Dwight for an investment

What lie did Mommers tell Pete that made Addie mad?
a) She told Pete that her office was in her house
b) She told Pete that she found a better job
c) She told Pete that she lived in a mansion
d) She told Pete that she didn't have kids

How did Dwight meet Hannah?
a) Through a friend
b) At the grocery store
c) She was the owner of the mansion that Dwight was renovating (fixing)
d) Online

What is the name of the restaurant that Addie goes to?
a) Numbskull Dory
b) Red Lobster
c) McDonald's
d) Numbskulls

How does Addie respond when she learns of Dwight and Hannah's engagement?
a) She screams and runs out the door
b) She polity says, Thank you for telling me.
c) She refuses to talk, gives silent treatment
d) She runs and gives Hannah a big hug

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