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What is density?
a) The amount of matter in an object.
b) How tightly matter is packed into an object.
c) How tall an object is.
d) The amount of space an object takes up.

If a cube has a density of 50, and you cut the cube in half, what is the density of the new cube?
a) 25 g/cm3
b) 100 g/cm3
c) 15 g/cm3
d) 50 g/cm3

What is the density of water?
a) 1 g/cm3
b) 4 g/cm3
c) 2 g/cm3
d) -1 g/cm3

Calculate the density of the following object with a mass of 120g and a volume of 30mL.
a) 40 g/cm3
b) 1200 g/cm3
c) 60 g/cm3
d) 4 g/cm3

Calculate the density of an object with a mass of 50g and a volume of 5mL.
a) 10 g/cm3
b) 1 g/cm3
c) 25 g/cm2
d) 250 g/cm2

What is the correct formula for density?
a) d= mass X volume
b) d= volume/mass
c) d= mass/volume
d) none of the above

If an element has a density of 47.5 g/cm3, will it sink or float in water?
a) the object will sink to the bottom.
b) the object will float right under the surface of the water.
c) the object will float in the middle.
d) the object will float on top of the water.

Calculate the density of an object with a mass of 10 g and a volume of 40mL.
a) .25 g/cm3
b) 4 g/cm3
c) 400 g/cm3
d) 40 g/cm3

Why does an air bubble rise to the surface of a glass of water?
a) The air is more dense than the water.
b) The air is less dense as the water.
c) The air has the same density as the water.
d) The water i a thicker substance.

What is the formula for volume?
a) v= mass x density
b) v= density/mass
c) v=mass/density
d) we have not learned that.

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