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According to the article, Rickey Collins brings the character "Tucker Foley" to life. This means that Rickey:
a) draws the character
b) names the character
c) makes the character seem real
d) decides the future of the character

Which sentence best supports the fact that Rickey has been involved with acting most of his life?
a) "20-year-old Rickey D'Shon brings Tucker Foley to life."
b) "In addition to many apppearances on television and in movies, Rickey is a voice-over actor."
c) "Rickey has acted since he was 6, both on and off camera."
d) "Rickey practices, then tapes at the recording studio."

Information in this article would be most valuable to readers who:
a) need to practice voice exercises
b) want to understand scriptwriting
c) need to develop their stage-acting skills
d) want to build a career around their voices

Which sentence from the article best supports the idea that being a voice-over actor requires skill?
a) "Rickey is a voice-over actor, someone we hear but don't see."
b) "They are the voices of cartoon characters on t.v. and movies."
c) "Like other actors, voice-over actors need to understand scripts and interpret characters."
d) "She writes notes on the script to guide Rickey on speaking his part."

Who is Rickey's manager?
a) his grandmother
b) his brother
c) his sister
d) his aunt

When does Rickey's manager receive his scripts?
a) a day after he tapes
b) a week before he tapes
c) a few days before he tapes
d) the day before the show

What is the name of the cartoon show in the article?
a) Bugs Bunny
b) Tucker Foley
c) Spongebob
d) Danny Phantom

Which is an example of voice techniques?
a) color
b) volume
c) contrast
d) sound

True or False? Rickey started acting at 6-years-old.
a) True
b) False

Ture or False? Voice-over actors work on a stage in front of an audience.
a) True
b) False

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