Latin 6 Question Preview (ID: 7071)

Chapter 6 Vocab.[print questions]

culpa, ae
a) fault, crime
b) Lord, master
c) lieutenant, envoy
d) fame, rumor

Maria, ae
a) Rome
b) Mary
c) Italy
d) Jesus

fuga, ae
a) wave
b) friend
c) flight
d) anger

luna, ae
a) wave
b) bear
c) forest
d) moon

unda, ae
a) wave
b) bear
c) forest
d) star

Hispania, ae
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) France
d) Gaul

silva, ae
a) wave
b) flight
c) forest
d) friend

a) I seize
b) I judge
c) I set free
d) I fight

a) I judge, consider
b) I overcome, surpass
c) I pray, speak
d) I seize

a) I fight
b) I seize
c) I set free
d) I overcome

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