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Which geographic feature has helped isolate China?
a) Andes Mountains
b) Kalahari Desert
c) Himalaya Mountains
d) Great Rift Valley

The development of which early civilization was influenced by the Tigris River, the Zagros Mountains, and the Syrian Desert?
a) Chinese
b) Egyptian
c) Maya
d) Mesopotamian

Which statement about the Neolithic Revolution is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) Early peoples made greater cultural advancements than did people of later civilizations.
b) The Neolithic Revolution resulted in changes for nomadic peoples.
c) New technology was developed during the Neolithic Revolution.
d) Agricultural developments resulted in the establishment of permanent settlements.

The Neolithic Revolution is often considered a turning point in history because
a) city dwellers learned to control fire
b) societies became more nomadic
c) nuclear families evolved into extended families
d) permanent settlements developed in river valleys

A geographic similarity between Italy and India is that both of these countries are located
a) on peninsulas
b) on archipelagos
c) between two oceans
d) south of the equator

The Code of Hammurabi relies on the idea that
a) governments must provide their people with rights
b) harsh laws are needed to control society
c) all subjects are equal under the law
d) religion and government must be brought closer together

The term monsoons can be defined as
a) seasonal winds
b) sand deposits
c) ocean currents
d) mountain avalanches

One similarity found in both Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations is that each developed a
a) monotheistic religion
b) compass
c) ziggurat
d) written language

What was a result of the Neolithic Revolution?
a) Civilizations developed
b) Humans first learned to use fire
c) Life expectancy declined
d) People began hunting and gathering for food

Ethnocentrism is best defined as
a) the belief that one's culture is superior to all others
b) military preparation for a civil war
c) love and devotion to one's country
d) a belief in one god

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