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Knowing the latitude of a location would be most helpful in determining
a) language
b) temperature
c) population
d) time

Which document is considered a primary source?
a) encyclopedia article
b) modern textbook
c) biography
d) personal correspondence

Which example best represents a primary source?
a) a 20th century novel about events leading up to the French Revolution
b) film footage taken during the liberation of Nazi concentration camps
c) an interview with an expert on the fall of the Roman Empire
d) a lecture on the impact of the African slave trade on South America

An economist is a social scientist who focuses on the study of the
a) development of spiritual practices
b) establishment of legal systems
c) creation and implementation of social class systems
d) production and exchange of goods and ideas

One reason that many historians study geography is to
a) help predict changes in government
b) show connections between people and places
c) tell when events took place
d) explore the value systems of early people

Which feature would most likely appear on a physical map
a) population densities
b) land usage patterns
c) climatic patterns
d) mountain ranges

Where does the archaeological evidence gathered by Louis and Mary Leakey suggest the earliest humans developed?
a) Great Rift Valley
b) Amazon rain forest
c) Himalaya Mountains
d) Philippine archipelago

Which social scientists are best known for studying the physical artifacts of a culture?
a) geographers
b) economists
c) archaeologists
d) sociologists

Which source of information is considered a primary source?
a) travel diary of Ibn Battuta
b) modern novel about the Golden Age of Islam
c) textbook on the history of North Africa
d) dictionary of English words adapted from Arabic

Which feature would most often be shown on a political map?
a) topography
b) type of climate
c) capital cities
d) elevation

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