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An appropriate title for the passage is
a) "Attack of the Grizzly Bear"
b) "Fur Trapping in Canada"
c) "Fear in the Wild"
d) "The Fur Trade"

Which fact is supported by the passage?
a) A grizzly had once threatened Louis's grandfather years ago
b) Sudden snowstorms were not unusual in the area where Louis had been camping
c) Louis and his father usually went on trapping excursions together
d) Louis was unaware that one of hte packs had been knocked off of the sled

Animal skins were in great demand in Europe because
a) the tempearatures in Europe were significantly lower than in Canada
b) animals of all kinds were uncommon in most of Europe
c) fur bearing animals were not as numerous in European countries
d) the fur bearing animals in Canada were more appealing than teh fur bearing animals in Europe

Louis and his grandfather were alike in many ways except which of the following?
a) they both trapped animals for a living
b) they both were trapped in sudden snowstorms
c) they both relied on dogs to save them from a dangerous situation
d) they both found danger in the same area of Canada

In the future, Louis will probably
a) use a more modern dogsled to move about the wilderness
b) acquire a faster and more loyal team of dogs
c) avoid trapping in an area that has brought danger twice to his family
d) abandon the trapping trade for a more profitable way of life

Which meaning of the word SUPPORT is used in paragraph three?
a) "to carry or bear the weight of"
b) "to show to be true"
c) "to give approval to"
d) "to provide for with funds or neccessities"

From the passage, a reader can conclude that Louis
a) traps animals as a hobby rather than as a trade
b) has a considerable lack of respect for animals
c) has not yet determined if the pack that fell off the sled contained his pelts
d) dedicates many hours each day to training his dogs

Which of these is an opinion?
a) Louis's family was in dire need of money
b) Louis should have known that the weather conditions were going to be extreme
c) Many of the pelts that Louis acquired would be sold in Europe
d) Louis had been unaware that a grizzly was nearby

What is the author's purpose in paragraph three?
a) to explain why the pelts were important to Louis
b) to describe Louis's accomplishments on his excursions
c) to explain to readers what a fur trapper endures
d) to show readers that fur trapping was once a widespread occupation

In paragraph four, the phrase "to mask his nervousness" means
a) "to include tension"
b) "to conceal his uneasiness"
c) "to neglect his distress"
d) "to build anxiety"

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