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If you want to apply a hold to an Order, what color does you Order Type have to be?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Gray
d) Yellow

While working Order Creation, what form should you access your Rx History tab from ?
a) EBC
b) SOF
c) QSF
d) Rx Organizer

Where do we paste the verbiage from our CHP Reorder Macro?
a) CHP Order Refill Task
b) CHP Reorder Note
c) CHP Order Refill Note
d) CHP Reorder Task

What action do we take after we book the order?
a) Go on break
b) Apply a QA hold
c) Notify you Lead/Supervisor
d) Do the Happy Dance!

What button do you press to release a hold?
a) Apply Holds
b) Release Hold
c) View Hold
d) Retry

What type of hold would you apply to ship and bill an order?
a) Co-Pay Hold
b) Credit Hold
c) Ship and Bill Override hold
d) No Hold just book the order

What button allows users with appropriate access to open a new form for new prescription processing?
a) Retry
b) New Rx
c) Split Image
d) Exception

Using the actions menu what option would I select to find a tracking number for a selected item?
a) Additional Line information
b) Additional Order information
c) Order History
d) Document a call

Which distribution list do we email to stop and order in fulfillment?
a) .RxSol Stop Orders CB
b) It depends on which site the order is shipping out of.
c) .RxSol Stop Orders OP
d) .RxSol SP CS Escalation

When the patient wants to pay with a new credit card you will add the payment to ?
a) Others Tab
b) Payments Tab
c) Billing section
d) Receipts Entry Area

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