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A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge About The Process Of Pollination And Seed Dispersal. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

These are the male reproductive parts of a flower and are found just within a flower's corolla. Each includes a filament and an anther.
a) carpel
b) stamen
c) ovary
d) style

These sperm-producing bodies are transferred in order to fertilize a plant.
a) corolla
b) carpel
c) pollen grains
d) ovaries

This is the female reproductive part of the plant and includes the stigma, the style, and the ovary.
a) carpel
b) stamen
c) corolla
d) anther

How do hummingbirds help plants reproduce?
a) They move pollen from the male flower parts to the female flower parts
b) They provide plants with the nutrients needed to produce seeds
c) They attract other organisms to pollinate plants.
d) They protect plants' seeds from harmful insects.

Organisms that aid in the pollination process are called...
a) transportors
b) deliverers
c) carriers
d) pollinators

This type of pollination occurs when flowers receive pollen from another plant of the same species
a) fertizilation
b) self pollination
c) cross pollination
d) germination

This type of pollination occurs when flowers pollinate themselves or other flowers on the same plant.
a) cross pollination
b) germination
c) fertilization
d) self pollination

Blackberry seeds are located inside their fruit. How do blackberry seeds most likely spread to new locations?
a) by being shaken out by the wind
b) by being digested by animals
c) by traveling along water currents
d) by catching onto animal fur

Which one of these methods is NOT an adaptive strategy for plants to disperse their seeds?
a) fire
b) mini explosions
c) water
d) You can't fool me! All of the above ARE adaptive strategies for plants to disperse their seeds!

Which seed dispersal method do coconuts most likely use to get moved to another location?
a) fire
b) wind
c) water
d) animal agents

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