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when organisms of the same kind live together and reproduce in a particular place they form a?
a) habitat
b) community
c) population
d) surrounding

which of the following statements about food chains is correct?
a) food chains do not always begin with a plant
b) big animals only eat small animals
c) some animals eat plants whislt others eat animals
d) plant eaters are always food for carnivores

man gets energy from?
a) his daily exercise
b) the food he eats
c) the water he drinks
d) some forces around him

living things can be broadly classified into 4 groups. in which groupwould amoebas be correctly classified?
a) animals
b) plants
c) fungi
d) microorganisms

what do paper cups, cotton shirt and rubber tyres have in common?
a) have the same properties
b) are man-made
c) come from plant parts
d) come from the same type of plants

the various types of plants and animals living together in the ocean form a
a) organism
b) community
c) habitat
d) population

which of the following statements about energy is not true?
a) energy can be created and destroyed
b) energy is needed to do work
c) the sun is the main source of energy
d) energy can be changed from one form to another

one of the following activities below does not use the same source of energyas the other three?
a) flying a kite
b) surfing
c) sailing
d) parachuting

which one of the following statements about heat is not true?
a) heat is a form of energy
b) heat is a form of matter
c) heat travels from a warmer object to a cooler object
d) heat can be given to an object to raise its temperature

how does thick clothing help to keep us warm
a) they produce heat
b) they retain some of our body heat
c) they attract heat fom our surroundings
d) they prevent heat from reaching our body

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