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How did the Plains Native Americans survive?
a) trapping beaver
b) hunting buffalo
c) breeding horses
d) gathering roots

Why did the Plains Native Americans fight against the establishment of reservations?
a) Pioneers' trails crossed over reservations.
b) The reservations were too far from water.
c) The reservations had to host different tribes.
d) Hunting was not permitted on reservations.

What did the federal government do to assist railway companies in the construction of the transcontinental railroad?
a) granted them millions of acres of public land that they could sell for cash
b) promised them exclusive contracts to be the official carriers of the U.S. mail
c) decided not to charge them taxes on land and materials bought for the project
d) used taxpayer dollars to pay-off the debts they incurred during construction

hat reform was brought about by the 1887 Dawes General Allotment Act?
a) U.S. citizenship for Native Americans
b) the annexation by the federal government of two-thirds of Indian land
c) abolition of the religious movement of the Ghost Dance
d) private land ownership for Native Americans

The Dawes General Allotment Act reflected the views of reformers who believed
a) American Indians ought to adopt the ways of white people.
b) traditional land use practices by Indian society ought to be updated.
c) traditional influences on Indian society ought to be celebrated.
d) American Indians ought to be politically independent.

What did the Populist Party do to gain workers’ votes?
a) support an eight-hour workday and limits on immigration
b) support the Republican Party in the 1896 election
c) propose the privatization of railroads
d) promise more jobs to immigrants

William McKinleys' victory in 1896 was a victory for the _________ party?
a) Republican
b) Free Soil
c) Populist
d) Democrat

The Oklahoma land rush signified the
a) end of the frontier.
b) pointlessness of the Farmers\' Alliance.
c) rise of deflation.
d) strength of the Populist Party.

The National Grange was an organization created on behalf of
a) regulators.
b) businessmen.
c) farmers.
d) educators.

Why might Farmers’ Alliances such as the Populists propose limits on immigration?
a) It cost extra tax money and services to help immigrants get established.
b) Farmers were forced to compete with immigrants for jobs.
c) Immigrants would offer greater skills to the labor force than native-born workers.
d) Non English-speaking immigrants would slow production and be hard to train.

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