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What should parents always let you behavior be towards your children?
a) Kindly Firm
b) Screaming and hitting
c) Harshly
d) Soft and Kind

What age should parents treat their children at according to Watson?
a) Young Adults
b) Adults
c) Preschoolers
d) Babies

What were parents cautioned to cut back on to instill good habits in their children?
a) Coddling
b) Play Time
c) Travel
d) Food

After Watson who was the theorist who did more than anyone to advance the behaviorist approach?
a) Skinner
b) Piaget
c) Watson
d) Vygotsky

Watson was the first______.
a) Social- Learning theorist
b) Cognitive theorist
c) Psychoanalytic theorist
d) Social Cognitive theorist

True or False: Does behavior differ from person to person?
a) True
b) False

Watson was the
a) Behaviorism
b) Symbolism
c) Religion
d) Misbehavior

Who or what plays the most important part for what they will become?
a) Parents
b) Friends
c) Schools
d) Themselves

True of False: Are habits the building blocks of development?
a) True
b) False

What is behaviorism based on?
a) Not inborn tendencies
b) Inborn tendencies
c) Their family structure
d) Effect of the community

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