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Which of the following is characteristic of all living things?
a) reproduction
b) All of the above
c) cellular organization
d) metabolism

Chemical reactions : metabolism ::
a) cells : an organism
b) experimentation : observation
c) reproduction : living
d) heredity : homeostasis

As a characteristic of all living things, homeostasis relates most directly to which of the following themes?
a) interacting systems
b) scale and structure
c) evolution
d) stability

All living things maintain a balance within their cells and the environment through the process of
a) growth
b) evolution
c) homeostasis
d) development

the process by which organisms make more of their own kind is called
a) heredity
b) reproduction
c) genetics
d) mutation

In what direction does energy flow
a) sun-plants-plant eater-meat eater
b) sun-plants-meat eater-plant eater
c) plant eater-plants-sun-meat eater
d) plants-sun-plant eater-meat eater

Scientists are using gene therapy to manage
a) deforestation
b) measles
c) cystic fibrosis
d) population growth

A scientist noticed that the number of salamanders in ponds in the Rocky Mountains was declining. This was a
a) hypothesis
b) control
c) observation
d) theory

frogs : acid rain ::
a) wind : smoke
b) rain forests : fire
c) theories : predictions
d) salamanders : hot weather

A hypothesis that is not supported by the data that has been collected and analyzed
a) is known as an inaccurate forecast
b) None of the Above
c) is rejected
d) often predicts a different observation

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