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Shang dynasty kings tried to predict the future by
a) scratching questions on oracle bones
b) praying to the gods
c) making sacrifices to Aton
d) consulting Osiris

The existence of trade between the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia civilizations is
a) unlikely because of the subcontinents geography
b) indicated by the discovery of Harappan seals in Mesopotamia
c) thought to have begun as early as 5000 BC
d) recorded in the epic Gilgamesh

The Hyksos were able to invade and defeat the Egyptians because of their
a) political alliance with Ramses II
b) carved stone obelisks
c) superior military tools such as horse drawn chariots
d) centralized military bureaucracy

The legal code of Hammurabi called for
a) specific punishment for each type of violation
b) monetary fines
c) punishment for only crimes against the government
d) equal punishment regarless of class

According to Chinese belief, just and effective rulers would
a) achieve the stature of gods
b) reign for 800 years
c) never be overthrown
d) recieve authority to rule ( Mandate of Heaven)

Term used for a king or queen of ancient Egypt
a) pharoah
b) president
c) monarch
d) god

Authority to rule over a country is known as
a) empire
b) dynasty
c) mandate
d) cauldrons

Seasonal winds that help shape the subcontinent were called
a) hurricanes
b) monsoons
c) mandates
d) typhoons

Egypt was called this because the type of government was controlled by a religious leader and a political leader
a) theocracy
b) monarchy
c) bureaucracy
d) dictatorship

A group of officials that were hired to help the king set up these
a) bureaucracy
b) city-state
c) subcontinent
d) dynasty

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