Stem Changing Infinitives Question Preview (ID: 7040)

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a) to open
b) to close
c) can or to be able
d) repeat

a) to lose
b) to want
c) to think
d) to begin

a) to sleep
b) to count
c) to find
d) to remember

a) to ask for
b) to prefer
c) to laugh
d) to serve

to play a sport
a) cerrar
b) entender
c) jugar
d) morir

to sleep
a) morir
b) encontrar
c) dormir
d) repetir

to get dressed
a) costar
b) dormir
c) vestir
d) jugar

a) to close
b) to want
c) to sleep
d) to die

a) to dress
b) to remember
c) to play a sport
d) to eat lunch

a) to think
b) to understand
c) to sleep
d) to eat lunch

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