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What is the SI unit for current?
a) Ampere (A)
b) Resistance
c) Ohm
d) Volt (V)

What is the SI unit for potential difference?
a) Volt (V)
b) Resistance
c) Ohm
d) Ampere (A)

Which one is the good conductor of heat?
a) Vacuum
b) Air
c) Silver
d) Water

At what temperature does the water boils?
a) 37.9
b) 100C
c) 0C
d) 37.3C

What is the SI unit for work?
a) Joule(J)
b) Volt(V)
c) Ampere(A)
d) Resistance

Which one of the following is true?
a) Mass is the downward pull of gravity acting on an object
b) Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object
c) Mass is measured by an extension spring balance or a compression spring balance
d) Mass is measured in newtons (N)

What is the SI unit for Length?
a) Metre
b) metre square
c) Millimetre
d) Centimetre

The stopclock measures time intervals accurate to
a) 2s
b) 10s
c) 3s
d) 1s

The digital stopwatch measures time intervals accurate to
a) 1s
b) 100s
c) 2s
d) 0.01s

What is the SI unit for time interval?
a) Minutes
b) Seconds
c) millisecinds
d) hours

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