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The Sumerian religion included all of the following beliefs EXCEPT
a) that each god controlled natural forces
b) the belief in a blissful and happy afterlife
c) that gods could cause misfortune and misery
d) they need to honor the gods through sacrafice and prayers

Less is known about the Harappan civilization than the Egypts because of
a) their lack of written records
b) destruction caused by invaders from Mohenjo Daro
c) the loss of royal archives
d) scientists inability to decipher hieroglyphics

To irrigate their crops, Egyptian farmers relied on
a) regular year round rainfall
b) heavy rain during the monsoons
c) an irrigation network of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
d) the yearly flooding of the Nile River

The earliest Chinese dynasty that can be dated from written records is
a) Shang
b) Xia
c) Pan Gu
d) Huang He

Achievements of the ancient Egyptians included all of the following EXCEPT:
a) 365 day calendar
b) the development of the cuneiform writing system
c) medical records of how to treat the injured
d) advanced mathematics including geometry

The oldest continuous civilization in the worldis
a) Egypt
b) China
c) India
d) Pakistan

Harappan cities are notable for
a) circular designs and stone structures
b) slated roofs and wooden houses
c) palace and temples placed near city boundaries
d) grid like patterns and underground sewers

The south Asian subcontinent is separated from the rest of Asia by
a) Arabian Peninsula
b) Himalayan and Hindu Kush Mountains
c) Ganges River
d) Nile Valley

The area of China that is most suitable for agriculture and the develpment of early civilizations was the
a) Eastern Region
b) Gobi Region
c) Himalayan Region
d) Kunlun Shan Region

The Egyptians built pyramids as places
a) to honor and bury their god/kings
b) store and distribute grain
c) issue ritual orders
d) serve as a local government center

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