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To project a movie is to
a) find it in a video store
b) show it on a screen
c) tell others about it
d) plan to see it

Ms. Pine recommends Mario\'s Restaurant. This means that she
a) says Mario's is a good place to eat.
b) works there
c) has never been to Mario's
d) owns the restaurant

Why would a school have a benefit?
a) to hire new teachers for the school
b) to raise money for the school
c) to give parents and teachers a chance to meet
d) to tests students' reading skills

Carmen has a new project. Sha has
a) a new outfit
b) made new friends
c) a new plan for organizing her closet
d) a new bike

My dog has remarkable intelligence. He is
a) about as smart as most dogs
b) unusually stupid
c) not ver smart
d) unusually smart

What does this symbol $ represent?
a) capital s
b) street
c) senior
d) dollar

What is one benefit of reading?
a) some books are too difficult for fourth graders
b) reading can help you learn new words
c) some people need glasses to read
d) many five year olds can read

How might someone show patriotism?
a) getting enough exercise
b) by getting to school on time
c) by voting in elections
d) bu teaching children to read

The new building is complete. The work on the building is
a) very well done
b) poorly done
c) finished
d) planned

How do you develop photographs?
a) by displaying them in a photo album
b) by applying chemical to photographic film
c) by taking picture of interesting scenes
d) by choosing the best photo to display

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