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Which of the following is needed to change an object's state of motion?
a) a force
b) increase in speed
c) equilibrium
d) vector quantity

A quantity that has both magnitude and direction is called a
a) scalar quantity
b) vector quantity

Combination of all the forces acting on an object.
a) support force
b) weight
c) tension
d) net force

A 5N force is applied to the right and 4N is applied to the left. What is the net force?
a) 9N to the right
b) 9N to the left
c) 1N to the right
d) 1N to the left

Time is a
a) vector quantity
b) scalar quantity

For an object at rest on a horizontal surface, the support force equals
a) zero
b) the net force
c) the weight of the object
d) force of friction

35 N is applied northward and 15N is applied northward. What is the net force?
a) 50N northward
b) 20N northward
c) 20N southward
d) 50N southward

Weight and mass are the same.
a) True
b) False

The force that acts upward on an object suspended from a spring is called
a) gravity
b) tension
c) weight
d) compression

What is the minimum net force possible when adding a 9N force to a 17N force?
a) 26N
b) 8N
c) 7N
d) 27N

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